Custom Exterior Wood Shutters and Screen Doors

Your Trusted Provider for Expertly Crafted Exterior Wood Products

Founded in 1989, Cobblestone Mill Woodworks, Inc. is a small family-owned business located in Ball Ground, Georgia. We are a wholesale manufacturer of quality exterior wood products with extraordinary woodworking proficiencies from a straightforward project to a detailed elaborate project.

Our company maintains a national customer base of lumberyards and building supply companies that work directly with the retail consumer.

What We Do

Our beautiful custom work is made to fit your exact opening. We offer:

Exterior shutters and blinds
Combination doors
Storm doors
Screen doors
Café doors

Louver doors

Gable vents

You Have a Vision.
We Bring It to Life.

Whether you are restoring a historic building or designing your dream home, you have a vision of how you want it to look right down to the last detail. The right shutter or door can make all the difference when it comes to putting the final touches on that vision.

We know that finding just the right exterior shutters or blinds, doors, or gable vents to fit perfectly into an existing opening can be one of the most frustrating aspects of a restoration or construction project.

Our highly skilled craftsmen, together with precision equipment, are renowned for their ability to fabricate all sizes, shapes, and configurations.

Our Mission

Delivering generational craftsmanship, from our hands to your home.

Our Vision

Innovating a future where traditions and relationships are built.

Why Choose Us?

After more than 34 years in the woodworking business, we’ve perfected the processes required to create the most beautiful shutter, doors, and blinds to your exacting standards.

Our handcrafted work has become the preferred choice by some of the finest preservation architects, contractors, and custom home builders in the country today.

With Cobblestone Mill Woodworks, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.