ECO Blue

ECO Blue Protection

Cobblestone Mill Woodworks, Inc
Cobblestone Mill Woodworks, Inc
Cobblestone Mill Woodworks, Inc
Cobblestone Mill Woodworks, Inc

We are the exclusive applicator of ECOB’S protective coatings for our line of custom mill products. ECOB‘S coatings protect against moisture, mold, wood-rot decay and termites.

Sustainable & Eco-Friendly
ECOB‘S eco-friendly coatings are a topically applied solution that contains no formaldehyde or hazardous chemicals, that can be applied to all dimensional lumber, engineered wood, panels, trim, siding and custom mill work. This coating is also an excellent primer.

Superior Indoor Air Quality

ECOB’S coatings have been tested in accordance with ul 2821 and astm D5116, and has been certified as green guard gold, demonstrating the products’ low voc emissions for building products and interior finishes.
Non-Corrosive to Fastners
ECOB’S coatings are non-corrosive to metal fasteners.


New testing reveals that wood, when treated with ecob's coatings, are sealed as efficiently as most primers, while still allowing a great surface for paint to adhere. We still require an oil based or latex primer with stain-blocking characteristics to prevent tannin acid bleed thru in addition to two finish paint coatings to maintain warranty

Note: Any field cuts or modification after the factory coating has been applied must be resealed. Ask your dealer for end cut touch up spray bottle. (see below)
A light caulking is required at all hole penetrations including nails or screws.

10-Year Limited Warranty

At ECO, we stand behind our product with an unprecedented 10-year warranty for ecob protected lumber. We believe it will last ten times as long, but this is a good start.
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See ECO RED SHIELD SP (Sill Plate formulation).
Cobblestone Mill utilizes ECO RED SHIELD SP (Sill Plate formulation) only substituting our proprietary blue color dye in lieu of red.